Remember When It Was Cool To Save Turtles?


Do you remember when it was cool to save turtles? Well, it still is! Unfortunately, nowadays it’s not just turtles. The animals and creatures both of the land and seas are in a lot of peril across our World. From the dolphin captures of Tajii to helping put an end to puppy mills, animals everywhere need us! It’s not just me, or you but they need all of us to stand up and speak out for them. So many of us work hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to help raise awareness for all animals in need across our country and beyond. Some of us do it through social channels and others get creative like us here at DFP and work to make a difference in other unique ways…ie through animal themed artwork and design. We are all on the same team and each of us has that special little something that makes our efforts to make change unique and purposeful which empowers all of us and YOU to make real change happen for animals and creatures everywhere!

New DFP Icon Animals 14

Of course, here at DFP we bark up the tree of change and share our dedicated work to help animals in our own way using our award winning, unique graphic design and illustration. We started 5 years ago just working to help dogs and kitties in need but as we grow in fans, likes, and our reach across social channels, we realize it’s time to open the flood gates and get busy working on a larger scale…world wide and for all the animals. ! Yep, the DFP Team may be small but we are mighty and with the addition of our boy Tides, Dog for the Paws is ready to help wherever and whoever we can.

Tides Beach

From the manatees in Florida to the dog meat trade dogs of Soi Rescue, you are going to get a front row seat to join us in our  work to help more and more animals in peril.  Honestly, there are enough folks posting those pictures that we all dread seeing from euthanized dogs to the inside of a slaughterhouse. Granted these numerous insights into places and situations we don’t like to think about are important too because they bring it to the front and center for all to see. It’s definitely positive to know that so many people are making change for all types and kinds of animals everywhere. 

 Lucky for you we don’t post designs or images like those because we want to inspire you in a little different way through the love of art and animals. Everyone loves a cute bunny, a baby dolphin, Giraffe right?  Watch as the World flocks to see how Dogs for the Paws is going to help inspire the efforts to help all types and species of animals everywhere! We are inspiring through art…With your help we will continue to feature and promote our widely popular Art Gives 2 Animals initiative which is a great tag to our work helping animals.  Of course, we will be introducing all kinds of new designs and promos that we will share across our social channels too. Tides hosts his own social pages too so we hope to see everbuddy following Life of Tides too!


Life of Tides Logo

We hope you will join in the World wide change that we will be offering through our art and promotions. We hope you will share with everyone, far and wide that Dogs for the Paws is ready to accept the challenge of helping animals and creatures in need everywhere! So please remember to hug your pets, don’t chain dogs, love the bunnies, don’t support whale and dolphin captivity, help the polar bears, stop for a hurt animal on the road, support your local shelters and rescues, don’t buy a pet, adopt don’t shop, teach your kids to be kind to animals, and do something, no matter how big or small to help animals in need. Why? Because it’s very cool to help and give back to animals! Art Gives 2 Animals! #AG2A

AG2A Graphic

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