” Comfort You Can P.L.A.Y. On”

While I was in Utah last month, attending the national pet blogger conference, BlogPaws I visited with my very cool friends at P.L.A.Y. pet beds. I had met them last year and we became instant Facebook and Twitter friends. I was so impressed with their fun line of pet beds, chill pads and such that I was thrilled  to be asked to do a review for them.

Having a family of multiple fuzzy kids, we are always buying new beds to try since our “kids” are so “ruff” on them. We seem to go thru endless beds that we pick up here and there. So to have the chance to put P.L.A.Y.’s bed thru the paws was a “challenge” we quickly accepted!

The first thing we liked about the bed was the soft feel of the fabric and design of the bed itself.  You can tell a lot  of thought goes into the design, details and manufacturing of each bed right down to the cool logo and information tags neatly attached to the side. This particular bed has a travel theme but there are many unique and colorful themes and designs to choose from. You and your fuzzy kid will have a ton of fun picking our your bed from all the choices available.

Our 3 boys, Lake, Gun, and Schooner quickly took turns pushing each other off of the bed  to have  their turn at relaxing on it. The beds come in different sizes which is nice too, so you can be sure your doggio is comfortable in a bed sized for them. We like the soft sides and it’s snugglebility( okay this is our technical word for comfort). This particular bed has a separate pillow which we found made it very comfortable to stretch out on along with the bed shell. We have a lot of hair so the design and colors work great for not showing dirt and hair. The P.LA.Y. beds come in all shapes, sizes, prices and colors which make shopping for your bed so much fun! Yes, your pet can have style and comfort all in one great product ! As we mentioned they have all kinds of  designs for all the fuzzy boys and girlies of your life and home.

Our doggies are very destructive and “ruff ” as we mentioned but the fabric and workmanship has stood up to all we have dished out. Our test bed has been tugged, drug, and laid on a lot! We live in South Carolina and spend a lot of time outside in our yard and on our patio so the P.L.A.Y. bed has spent some time outside too. Gun even carried  it in his mouth back inside from the patio thru our pet door. It’s so plush it just slipped thru the opening into the house. Of course, the “kids” prefer it in our living room so that is where it stays the most. We also have a senior girlie , London and she has enjoyed curling up for numerous naps.

We have enjoyed our P.L.A.Y bed  so much and will continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.  Thank you P.L.A.Y. for helping us find comfort, durability and style all in one great bed!  You can bet we will be ordering a few more since we always buy multiples of everything!

Along with a great product, P.L.A.Y.’s site is also fun to explore and use. They have all kinds of great pet bedding, accessories and fun gifts for all the pet lovers in your life. So pass on by the big box pet store chains and  run to your computer, smart phone or mobile tablet to have the most fun you will ever have shopping for pet bedding. It’s worth the click to find comfort, style and durability that will out last all the other pet beds…You will be the talk of your friends when they see your very unique P.L.A.Y. pet beds. It’s definitely comfort you can P.L.A.Y. on!


Along with wonderful products and cool gifts for you and your “kids”, P.L.A.Y. also works across the country pawing it forward for fuzzy kids in need too! Check out their inspiring “Warm Bellies” initiative with Petfinder.com to bring comfort to shelter fuzzy kids waiting for their happy furever afters.

Warm Bellies Initiative

At P.L.A.Y., we are committed to helping animals in need. We believe that every pet, regardless of whether they are a celebrity pooch or a pup waiting in a shelter for his forever home, deserves a warm and cozy place to sleep. To help as many homeless pets as possible, we’re partnering with the Petfinder Foundation for our new donation program; the Warm Bellies Initiative.

For every Artist or Original Collection pet bed purchased on http://www.PetPlay.com (or at participating retailers) we will donate a Special Edition Chill Pad to a pup in need.*

*Valid on full price purchases only.


According to the ASPCA, 5-7 million companion pets enter a shelter every year. Many of those pets were once beloved family members. We love Momo like she were our child, and it’s this love that inspired us to help provide homeless pets a warmer belly.

Being in a shelter can be extremely scary for pups – the unfamiliar smells, sounds and surroundings often cause anxiety and depression for a lot of animals. To help make the time spent in a shelter a little less scary, we want to give homeless pups a a cozy mat they can feel safe and warm on. Just having a warm mat instead of a cold concrete floor makes a world of difference.

So please join us, P.L.A.Y. and Petfinder.com to help fuzzy kids with this comforting campaign by purchasing a bed you will be proud to use and tell all your friends how you helped make a difference for a fuzzy kid in need too!

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