Paws and Claws for Dogs for The Paws

Paws for the Cause!

Paws for the Cause!

Audrey and Gigi were both adopted from Fuzzy Faces Rescue of the Northern Neck.

"Welcome to Missy's World"


Claws for the Paws!

Baby Pat’s parents were saved from a white dove release program.

Do something great or small for a furred or feathered friend today!  Let us know if you foster, adopt, donate or just love your adopted/rescued animals.  No love is greater.  No act of kindness is too small.

We Have Exciting News!!!


Happy 2015 to All our Dogs for the Paws friends and fans around the World!

We have exciting news!!!! Beginning soon Dogs for the Paws has a new partner to share and inspire the World to help animals in need. We are partnering up with the amazing, talented as well as mad skills in writing, published author, Ginny Tata Phillips. Ginny is a huge advocate for helping animals in need and lives in Spotsylvania, VA with her hubby Rick and their little furry and feathered kids. They have 6 rescue dogs, are active in their local VA bird rescues, and also have a couple of crazy chicken kids too!

Ginny brings many accolades and talents to our DFP group and we are so ready to get busy sharing and inspiring more and more people to make a difference for all creatures in need.

Here’s a little Amazon bio about Ginny and you can check out her books and writings on her blog, Ramblings from a Reading Writer Who Rescues Birds and Beasts…

“Nothing warms the heart like the love of a rescued dog but RESKU is a very close second. Ginny and Diane live and breathe rescue and they’ve brought it to life here”, says TOM SCHRECK, author of the Duffy Dombrowski Mysteries.

Ginny has been writing since the days of ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation’. She advanced through school essays to college term papers, letters to the editor, newsletter and magazine articles. She has been a dog lover for over 50 years; a dog mom for 40 and involved in dog-related businesses for 20. Ginny Tata-Phillips and Diane Grindol are bi-coastal friends who create haiku books together to benefit animal rescue organizations. Ginny is passionate about saving the planet and is into conservation and wildlife rescue. Her lifelong dreams have been realized with the move to a Bird and Basset Plantation where she writes full time when she is not frolicking with nature and the hounds.

A graduate of Tufts University, Ginny now lives in Spotsylvania, Virginia, with her patient husband, 6 rescued dogs, 30 birds and 1 fish.

She collaborated with Tom Schreck on the acclaimed DUFFY TO THE RESCUE! Her most recent publication is HAIKU IS THE SPICE OF LIFE and it is hot off the press!

Win Eggcellent Treats from Zuke’s

Zukes Clue Badge Week 1 IMG_0896

With all the fun of the Egg Hunt with Zuke’s we are very eggcited to be able to host this fun event with all of our fans! By participating in the Egg Hunt fun you will have a chance to win some yummy goodies from Zuke’s! So you get to have fun, go on a social media egg hunt and win cool goodies too! Oh yes, that’s how Zuke’s and Dogs for the Paws rolls around here. We love to have fun, promoting great companies and awesome, healthy products for your pet kids too! We appreciate all of your emails and messages about all the fun you are having with our little Egg Hunt this month. 

Zuke's Egg Letters For web

We wanted to post all the clues as of today so you can check in and make sure you have all the clues.  We will randomly select a winner next Monday April 21st, so make sure not to miss this last week of clues and fun we will be posting throughout the week. Remember to hop on over to and grab some goodies for the fuzz heads’ Easter baskets too! Then if you win the Egg Hunt you will have more goodies to give them!!!

Keep up the eggcellent job hunting those eggs!


Your Zuke’s Egg Hunt Team

Zukes - DFP Easter Egg Hunt Team 14


The Easter Egg Hunt is on…


Zukes Easter Egg Hunt Logo 14

So are you having fun hunting for clues and eggs  in our Zuke’s and Dogs for the Paws Easter Egg Hunt and Fun giveaway this month? So many clues and fun to enjoy and try to solve the message from the egg and fun clues we have posted.  Since there has been a lot of posting and such across our social sites we wanted to check in with Everbuddy to make sure you are collecting the clues and having fun! Have you solved the message yet?

Zuke's Egg Letters Week 1 Thursday

The Egg Hunt is going to be wrapping up next Monday April 21st since Easter is Sunday the 20th so grab those baskets and keep hunting along with us. We will be selecting a random winner this to receive the yummy Easter treats from Zuke’s so stay tuned for all the fun! 

Zuke's Pick of the Basket

And if you want to give your fuzz heads an awesome Easter treat then hop over to and grab some goodies for their basket too!

Our Egg Hunt Team gives their Pick of the Basket favorite choices for you to check out as well!


Remember Zuke’s is tested and endorsed by the Easter Bunny himself!!! 

The Hunt Begins…

Zukes Hunt Begins

Happy April to all from your fave Easter Bunny, Tides! Have we got a funs event for you this month to celebrates Easter. Our besties, have joined us to have an Easter Egg Hunt on all our social pages from my Life of Tides on Instagram to our Dogs for the Paws page on Facebook. It’s going to be happenin’ for the next 3 weeks so you better makes sure you are following all our pages so you won’t miss any of the fun we are about to unleash!

Zukes Easter Egg Hunt Logo 14
  For the next 3 weeks we will be posting a couple of Egg Hunt badges during the week for you to search for the egg clues you need to solve the message at the end of the month for a chance to win Easter treats from You will want to make sure you collect all the Egg Hunt clues so you won’t miss out on a chance to win. At the end of the month after all the clues have been posted, we will randomly select on fan who has participated in the Egg Hunt to win. We ask that you don’t post the message ahead of the final week since some peeps may not solve it as fast as others. So keep your clues together and ready to post at the end of the hunt.

Zukes Clue Badge Week 1

When the Egg Hunt clues are posted you will see this badge above posted first before the hunt badge so make sure you download all the clues so you can solve the message.  Along with the fun of the game, we will also post others badges and fun to enjoy! I am your Easter Bunny, as you probably figured but I am also the leader of the elite Egg Hunt Team.  The Hunt Team will be posting and sharing fun throughout the month along with the hunt badges. I would likes to introduce you to your pawsome Egg Hunt Specialists…The Zuke’s Egg Hunt Team! Please woof out to Hazel the beautiful Golden Retriever, Milo the Chihauhua representin’ the little doggies, Emerson our Labradoodle girl and of course, yours truly…me, Tides!

Zukes - DFP Easter Egg Hunt Team 14

So we are going to unleash some fun for April and celebrates Easter in our very special way with fun, fun and more funs! I hope you and all your friends will join us and our pals, for this very cools Easter Egg Hunt! Grab your baskets and let’s hop, hop, hop!

Happy Zukester!

Also remember that Zuke’s treats are tested and approved by the Easter Bunny! So get your pet kids something yummy for their Easter Baskets this month!


Multi Tides Zukes